‘Something simple’ she said, ‘something quick’ she said. Yeah whatever.

I decided to make my dad a tie, or more specifically two ties, for his birthday.

Nothing about this was simple or quick as the pattern I used didn’t give me enough fabric to play with making the centre back seam unsightly and nearly not enough fabric to go around. I should have just re-measured and started again but I didn’t, I perservered. It turned our ok, just, but not without angst and some inappropriate language on my part.

Also I hadn’t really worked with silk before so everytime it slipped from my grasp and pooled at my feet was an added insult to injury.

The pattern I used was this, Simplicity 4762 (although Vogue and Sew Over It also do patterns, and there are any number of free versions online):


Please be generous with your seam allowances. You can always trim later! The only part where you need to consider the sizing from the start is the fat end which sits at the bottom as that will determine the finished line of your tie.

There are a large number of tie patterns out there, but some of them involve very simple folds and do not involve the contrasting lining with the fiddly bit of edge that I was oh so keen to have. There is quite a good set of instructions for the proper versions here and here and here.

And oh so keen not to hand stitch, I might add. It was machine sew or bust for me on this one.

In terms of breaking down the elements, this is pretty much all you need to know. Interline to the desired thickness/plushness and slip stitch your centre seam up the back better than I did! Oh, and iron it about a million times.

I picked up some nice jazzy silk fabric from Berwick street, featuring a vintage design of bicycles and pennyfarthings. I picked up two sets of contrasting colours in a coral and blue, making two ties with a scrap of each to line the other. Unfortunately my dad, being who he is, has managed to lose the other tie, so you will just have to extrapolate from the blue or look at the picture at the bottom:



12547386_1678792915731137_2096796894_nNow, oh how smug was I when I saw that exactly the same fabric had been used for exactly the same necktie in the current season stock of Liberty of London for a mere £135 per tie! Winning and sew* on trend!

Credit: drakes-london.tumblr.com

Credit: drakes-london.tumblr.com

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