Life Drawing

Completely forgot I was going to this, but glad I made it in the end: there was a Saturday life-drawing session with London Drawing this weekend. I have been to a couple of their drop in sessions at the Vaults, which were great and in a gorgeous location, but I always suffer from blank-page-itis and then draw something in a panic when I realise the pose is about to end.

This was a helpful session as it gave me some techniques and set approaches to put pen to paper and deal with perspective and proportion without too much agonising.

Some of the exercises involved drawing a couple of quick poses to full paper scale and then in miniature to try and deal with ratios.

12328167_1073569962676019_227755458_n 11421898_1131170446910874_868652110_n

Another technique was the “continuous line” method which end up with fun illustration-style sketches where the pen isn’t allowed to lift off the paper so you have to concentrate on localised relationships between parts of the body and can’t be distracted by “outlines” or compositional worries. These sketches were a couple of minutes max so there was barely time to think.

12298956_1667642456844153_2132727676_n 12256662_1027441483972714_1615159641_nThis was taken a step further by repeating the exercise with only my left hand. I am far from ambidextrous so I was pretty sceptical but actually quite pleased with the effect:


Lastly, we approached the same thing with both hands simulaneously and neither was allowed to stop moving. I was pleased just to be able to vaguely convey the information of the pose at this point.


Finally some more conventional poses to work on foreshortening and perspective.

11925862_1648437232105987_857648620_n 12317428_480568442128486_749198297_n 12277357_928868723873593_1221982404_n

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