Pillars of the Earth (Gingerbread style)

Way back in the halcyon university days, a friend and I decided to try out some serious architecture from gingerbread.

Obviously we had a mock up cottage (primarily for the purposes of eating it). The principal innovation was to melt some gummy sweets (in our case, wine gums) into an aperture to create the effect of stained glass window. The guardian, nicknamed malevolent puffin, adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the piece.
















Then, inevitably, much as man split the atom, we scaled up. Gingerbread cathedral time (feat. gargoyle)!  Let’s also give a shout out to those flying butresses.

408703_10150460563853440_862974150_n401615_10150460564643440_373246059_n 400597_10150460566403440_1987347464_n  395152_10150460566203440_448794689_n 393327_10150460567383440_258439705_n400273_10150460567503440_1685889348_n 391915_10150460562708440_1354150574_n 389964_10150460563003440_229626016_n376104_10150460566588440_1362269827_n388274_10150460564598440_24850180_n           374871_10150460567293440_232599129_n



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