Delice de…?

I don’t even know what I was doing with this one.

I have a favourite type of French Patisserie, which I can only seem to get from the Epi D’Or Boulangerie in Pont-l’Évêque. It looks a bit like this, and is called a variation on a “Delice de… something or other”:


And, hey, guess what, Patisserie Valerie has started making a variation on a theme!

It’s a gorgeous light but tangy mousse (normally made from blackcurrent) on a thin flan base with a reduction berry glaze. Oh so good.

Anyway, I tried to make my own and being mad I decided to try some sort of layered chocolate and raspberry version (even though I know I like the plain version better) with some hideous chocolate decoration on the top. The main problem is that all the recipes I could find at the time require highly specialised kitchen equipment and some crazy niche liqueurs which could only be found a off licence outlets in the middle of nowhere (or the internet, if I wasn’t impatient to get baking straight away).

Long story short, it was probably meant to be something like this:


In reality, it came out like this:

DSC_0655 DSC_0653

It actually wasn’t too bad. It all tasted nice. But, as predicted (listen to the little voices, dammit!), the raspberry and the chocolate combo was a bit sickly and unnecessary.

I am definitely, definitely going to try this again as it is my favourite thing in the world. Here’s a recipe featuring a blueberry and chamomile delice. Another blueberry delice, here.


I re-tried a simpler version of this delice, this time predominantly with blueberries, and some redcurrents and blackberries in the glaze. It came out much more stable and cleanly finished. Really pleased.

12276896_437284353149351_1776013891_n 12331784_1191051360923733_931708427_n

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