Cruising for a Fusing

After my first adventure at Richard Paton’s Rainbow Glass Studios, I was sure I wanted to go back. This time I went without any particular ideas in mind except some inspiration from having attended the Henri Matisse “Cut Outs” exhibition at the Tate Modern.


This is the Blue Nude (1952) – the cover piece of the show – and, my personal favourite, the Fall of Icarus (1943).

So the Fall of Icarus my recognisable piece of plaguarism. I have a friend who was a particular fan of Matisse and this exhibition so I knew this was going to be a winner. The pictures are taken of the glass ready for their first firing in a massive table-top electric kiln.




And, once they were fired a second time to slump them into a few different moulds, here are the results:

IMG_0038 IMG_0035This little fellow went into a square mould with a well in the centre, which I presume is for ashtrays back when that was still a thing that was cool. It is now being used as a key-bowl.  IMG_0033 IMG_0031

I couldn’t resist using a square mould with a bit of a wave to it, perhaps stubbornly refusing to accept that light travels in straight lines. It makes a nice contraditction to the prismic designs.

I should also caveat this plate by saying that I did it in five minutes at the end of the day when I realised I had some spare kiln shelf to fill, so it isn’t exactly a work of genius.


IMG_0028IMG_0029And last but not least, some more dynamic poses from plate number four:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 42


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