The Philippa Dress

This post is a slight blast from the past, taking us all the way back to 2010, in which I spent a week near Alderburgh in Suffolk with the lovely family of a friend.

Not only did this feature walks on the beach and Snape Malting and Suffolk alpacas, but this friend and her family are ridiculously talented and ridicolously crafty. This visit was perhaps the start of it all.

I went, armed with some lovely tweed fabric purchased from MacCulloch & Wallis on Derring Street (as was), my first pattern purchased from John Lewis and absolutely no prior sewing experience. I repeat: no prior experience.12277369_554427678014846_1654553393_n


It’s by no means perfect, but for a first attempt I am very, very proud of this dress. The heavy fabric is perhaps not the best choice for it as the seams don’t lie wholly flat. After 5 years, the zip is starting to pull out, so I will need to fix it up before wearing it out, but it is fully lined, darted, sleeved and zipped which was an excellent introduction to many of the core concepts of dressmaking.

12224626_1650965645166168_1802811822_n   12301162_1494803764155139_1965885491_n  IMG_0479 IMG_0480I am very much looking forward to remaking this pattern in the future with my greater experience as it has a really lovely neckline and full 50s skirt.IMG_0484


3 thoughts on “The Philippa Dress

  1. I love this dress, you chose excellent fabric. The picture on the pattern doesn’t do it justice. I envy fearless sewers! can’t believe this was your first make, it looks so lovely


    • Thank you so much! It seems such a long time ago now. I should qualify this heavily by saying (a) the fabric was so lovely that I could have done anything and it probably still would have been nice and (b) I had my hand held every step of the way by a very experienced (and encouraging and cake-providing) dress maker so I was very much following orders.

      I highly recommend this pattern – very much a favourite. And, in hindsight, a lot easier than the end result would make it seem 🙂 You can always mock it up in a cheap muslin first to get the fit right and get over the fear factor, though I am far too impatient for that…

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