Textured Plates and a Planter

I have had another crack at press-moulding some plates at the Kiln Rooms.

This time, I tried to add some texture to the surface with a lovely wooden Rajasthani dye stamp. The images are half-emerged, which I quite like.

They were bisque fired at 1250 degrees, and then glazed with a lovely ivory satin gloss and a flecked green.

The glazes have come up fairly unevenly, but overall I like the effect.

This one is faint:12237327_649716535132032_1790228516_n

This one a little more obvious: 12237400_1531122857208591_877109393_n

12292625_1523267494664983_1088424401_nLastly, I had an experiment in hand-building a plant pot. Naturally, I was impatient so attempted to do this with wet clay and cardboard supports which I duct taped into a rough hexagon and covered with PVA glue in order that they wet clay didn’t adhere and pull apart.

I then did a hasty rose and leaf motif around the upper edge using a silicon fondant mould.

It has plenty of flaws on the outside surface, but I quite like the organic look to hand building. Wouldn’t be authentic without my massive hand print somewhere on it.12269816_770954913049764_769034038_n


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