Large sculpture

I decided to spend a week on the Masterclass Large Scale Sculptural Ceramics with Tanya Brett, which was fun and very relaxing. Owing to the fact that the clay was still fairly wet and very heavy, her posterior quickly began to sag and required bolstering.

I wish I had gone in with a better idea of what I wanted to achieve.

As it was, I just started slabbing up and coiling and seeing where the clay would take me. As it turns out the clay took me to a rather surreal female nude, which has now found a vocation as a plant pot (whether my parents like it or not**)!

It needs to be largely hollow so as not to crack (best case) or explode (worst case) in the firing.IMG_0167IMG_0169

I put some wet clay in a plastic bag to prevent it hardening onto the sculpture to give her something to sit on.IMG_0187



** Update: my mother has said that it is “growing on her”. It has been put in the garden and planted up with irises:



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