Clone Your Clone

As a follow-on to Clone Your Clothes, I have some more lovely jersey fabric (Deborah B Dufour Jersey from Liberty) which can quickly run up following my new pattern.

First dart of the side bodice. This is going to have three tucks and then be sewed into the left side-seam.12062991_1664937633743850_931574423_n

Three tucks complete, although my bobbin came loose and the lowest tuck isn’t super neat:

11917997_488854937963094_922165387_n11410763_427076187490000_916068653_nHere is the pattern for the folds at the epaulettes (three little pleats): 11939577_429281587264469_675697337_n I slip stiched them in place before overlocking it into the seam.11910241_508489829311582_882162724_nAnd we have once complete, lined bodice awaiting sleeves:


I left it at this stage for a fair while, namely a sleeveless bodice, but found a few evenings to pop the darts in the skirt then overlock everything together.

The final product (slightly need to adjust he neckline so less is showing!), with some soft focus to make it less of an eye-sore:

IMG_0464     7 6 5 4 3 2 1





3 thoughts on “Clone Your Clone

    • Thank you! Sorry for the delayed response. I think Liberty can always be relied upon to do some lovely prints. I have just treated myself to a cheeky couple of Tana Lawn cottons as an early Christmas present. 🙂

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