Sculpture Weekend

The Art Academy offers a great little 2-day course as an exciting introduction for beginners, as well as for those with some previous experience, to gain basic experience of making sculpture. Working mainly in clay and plaster (and other mixed media in the form of various wires and scrims).

The first day was spent creating a clay figure sculpture from a life model.  This was highly aborbing and I only wish I could have had longer to finish it as a piece of scuplture, rather than just frantically reproducing limbs in the right places…

11910136_394597540738416_1425703632_n 11351023_916835305038950_1303705893_n 11326063_1625722497715477_801377859_n

The second day was spent messing around with Plaster of Paris and scrim and chicken wire. I wish I had had more of an idea of what I wanted to create going into this as I ended up panicking and just attempting something vaguely anthropomorphic, the traditional stick man if you will…

I found plaster work fun in a childish ‘let’s get messy and shove my hands into the slop’ kind of way, and something in me was and is still thrilled by the way Plaster of Paris goes from thin, featureless liquid, to putty, to rock solid in the space of about two and hald minutes, meaning fast and accurate work (not my middle names) was the key to success.

In future, I suspect my encounters with plaster will primarily be for ceramic slipmould making! Still, here are my little men who are currently sitting atop by kitchen cupboards.



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