Graces quilt

Having been inspired by this amazing specimen from the Tokyo Quilt Show 2012, I decided to re-create the design using oriental inspired fabrics rather than the batik prints used in the original. First stage, in 2012, involved trying out different pattern combinations on photoshop.  graces_quilt I finally settled on a  combination that wasn’t too dark or overwhelming with design-clash. I chose some lovely Hoffman fabrics bundles which all had complementary, oriental-inspired themes and soft tones. Fabrics When it came to start sewing, nearly two years later (as other projects had intervened) I initially tried the “squaring up and joining as I go along method”, which had worked well for Spock, being square.  However, the proportions soon got the better of me. Appliqué, therefore, was the only way to go. So, I drew out the pattern to scale on brown Post Office parcel paper… 924452_1561619074051787_1240982760_n And began the laborious process of cutting out and (admittedly machine-stitching) on, mainly challenged by the scale of the thing coming through the machine.  10950430_1485143781708224_1592306618_n

Next step is the painstaking business of embroidering all the flowers. Initially, I planned to just cut out various cartoony petals and embroider round them, but I am now considering doing some more detailed work on the individual flowers themselves, inspired by this book, 24 Flower Quilt Blocks. Some of the prettier designs, I include here:1 5 9

In terms of the quilting pattern, something either asian-inspired or floral would be preferable, but given the amount of time this is taking I wouldn’t be suprised if I end up choosing on the bais of ease and practicality over aesthetics.

My prior experience in this area is negligable; in both my previous quilts, the design of the image was tantamount and the actual quilting itself was purely secondary. This time I would very much like to spend some more time on the intricacies of the quilting pattern itself.

If anyone else is a novice to methods of approaching the mass of pantographs, stencils and free-quilting methods out there, there is a useful quilting how-to here.

fnf0246 untitled wv0197

I have order some plain pantographic quilting paper.


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