First Press-Moulded Plates

So, owing to my incompetent throwing, I turned to the reassuring world of press moulding to produce three plates and two little cups, all dipped in satin glazes with a lovely silver-to-blue effect. Pretty chuffed with these.

I like press-moulding for the slightly warped, organic a-symmetricality.

These were made using a pre-made mould at the Kiln Rooms, which also boasts a storeroom onsite selling a variety of clays designed for the communal firing temperatures of 1000oc for Bisque and 1260oc for Stoneware.

I double-dipped these, resulting in the gradiated colours.

11374065_385767448299789_192337618_n 11356662_404678033073635_117476884_n 11881593_708215725979048_2004362560_n

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